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Apart from the basic features you come to expect from Catholic store websites, we have several unique features that set us apart from the rest.

  • More Search Options. Apart from the standard keyword and category searches, you can also search our site by publisher, ISBN, author, event and liturgical season. As events and seasons approach, we will be adding them to our search options. Just click the "More Search Options" link on the left side of the screen to see how easy it is to find just what you are looking for.
  • Preorder. We are the only Catholic store on-line that gives you the ability to preorder books from different publishers. As with all of our standard U.S. orders, you aren't billed until the book ships. Just click the "Preorder" link on the left side of the screen to see what great new books are coming out and how much you can save by ordering now.
  • Wedding Registry. What other Catholic site do you know of with a wedding registry? Of course you need to register for all of the practical material goods at regular stores, but won't it be nice to be able to register for items that will improve your spiritual life and strengthen your marriage?
  • Military Chaplain Registries. As a special service to our troops, we have established a chaplain's registry on our site. Military chaplains tell us what their troops need, we list it in our registry and generous customers like you buy items which we send to the troops. What other site does that?
  • Customizable Products. Whether you need custom holy cards for a baptism or wedding, or a patron saint rosary as a gift, you can customize it right here. We carry customizable patron saint rosaries, custom holy cards and custom Catholic School Girl dolls that you can change to create a unique gift or keepsake. No other Catholic site offers the number of customizable products that we do.
  • Wish Lists. We are the only Catholic store to offer a wish list feature. By creating a wish list you can save products for later, rate them in importance and send your wish list to others so they know what gifts you would like.
  • Imprinting. Many of our books and Bibles can be foil imprinted to create a lasting memory.
  • Custom Printing. Do you have a special card you want printed that no one makes? We can do custom printing for your parish or group.
  • Gift Wrap.  We are the only Catholic web store that offers a gift wrapping service.
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