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Return Policy

No-Hassle Return Policy

If you would like to return a product, just send it back (please read exceptions below). Please enclose a note explaining why you are returning the item. If your return is postmarked within the first 30 days after you initially received it, you will be credited the full price of your product either back to your credit card, your Paypal account or as a check refund depending on how you paid. Shipping fees are not refundable unless we made an error with your shipment.

If you return an item after 30 days, you will be issued an Aquinas and More gift certificate for the price of the item instead of a refund.

Items must be returned in new condition. If they arrived damaged, you will only receive a partial refund for the return.


Yes, you can return jewelry, even 14kt!

Missing / Damaged Products

You must report missing or damaged products within 14 days of receiving a package or within 60 days if the package never arrives. There is a time limit for filing claims so we have to enforce time limits on notification of these problems.

Apparel - Not Including Vestments

If you order a clothing item that doesn't fit, you may return it with original labels and packaging intact for an exchange or refund.

Clergy Shirts

Clergy shirts that aren't labeled as custom may be returned for refunds or exchanges unless they are purchased during October due to the problem with one-time-use at Halloween.

First Communion Dresses

First Communion dresses may be exchanged for a different size but we do not take returns.


We want you to be happy with the movies and music you buy. If you don't like it, return it undamaged for a refund or credit.

Digital Files

Digital files are NOT returnable. We will provide you with a new copy of a file if the one you download is defective.

Church Goods

Due to the policies of our church goods suppliers, many church goods are either not returnable or have a restocking fee of between 10% and 25% if you decide to return them. We wish that we could accept returns on these items without these restocking fees but unfortunately have to pass these charges to you.


We do not accept returns on vestments, tabernacles, statues over 12 inches tall or on items that are custom made or imprinted for you unless they are defective. Any other non-returnable items will be clearly marked as such on the item description page.

Bulk Orders

Orders for large quantities of items (20 or more) are not returnable unless arrangements have been made prior to purchase.


Once you place an order for church goods or a custom item such as personalized prayer cards, it will probably not be possible to cancel the order as these items are created when you order.

If a cancellation is possible it is likely that you will be required to pay a restocking fee to cover the cost of making the item.


Please do not send items that do not meet the above conditions as you will not receive a refund for them and they will not be returned to you.

If you return items that were purchased with a gift certificate we will credit that gift certificate the appropriate amount.

Credits and refund checks will usually be processed within 14 days of receiving your returned order. Shipping fees will be deducted from the return amount if the return is not the result of a mistake on our part.

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