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E-books and Digital Music

What is a digital download?
A digital download is an electronic file that can be watched, read or listened to on your computer, iPod or other electronic device.
In what formats can I get a digital download?
Video files are mp4s
Audio files are mp3s
Ebooks are either PDF, Kindle or ePub format
What do I need to play a digital download?
For audio and video files you will need a media player such as QuickTime, Real Player or Windows Media Player.
For ebooks you will need a reader like the Barnes and Noble eReader or Adobe Digital Editions.
You can also read ebooks on a variety of devices including the iPad, Sony Reader, BeBook, IREX Reader, iPhone, and the Nook.
If you buy a full cd it will come in zip format. You will need to unzip it with the built in utility in Windows or some other unzip software.
What if I have a Kindle?
Look for titles that say they are in a Kindle format. You can also get the free Stanza desktop application to convert an ePub ebook into AZW (or even PDF), a format that your Kindle can understand. 
How do I purchase a digital download?
Digital downloads are purchased the same way as other products on our site. Once you have completed a purchase you can log in to your account and go to your Digital Download Library to retrieve your files.
What if I want to pay with Paypal or a check?
Payments made with Paypal can take one business day to be updated in our system so your downloads won't be available until you receive a followup email that the downloads have been processed.
Check orders could be delayed until your check clears.
How do I download a file?
When you log in to your account and go to your Digital Download Library you will see a list of files you have purchased. If you still have downloads remaining you will be able to click a download button. When you click the button you will be given a unique, expiring link to download your file.
Why does the link expire?
Once you click the download link in your account you have ten minutes to start your download. Our digital suppliers require restrictions on the number of times a file may be downloaded to protect their copyright.
What if I don't like a file I purchased?
Due to copyright issues digital files are not returnable.
Do my downloads expire?
No. You can wait as long as you want before downloading your files. Just be sure that once you click the download link you download it immediately.
What if a download is defective?
If you get a download that does not work, contact customer service so we can make it available for another attempt.
What if my computer crashes? Can I get my downloads back?
Once you have downloaded a file you are responsible for keeping it safe. We recommend backing files up to an external hard drive or to an online backup service like Carbonite.
Can I send a download to someone else?
No. Each download is licensed for your own personal use. Sending a download to someone else is just like using pirated software. You'll feel really bad and need to go to confession so we don't recommend it.
What if I have something digital that I want to sell?
That's great! We'd love to talk to you. Read more about our Catholic digital publisher program.
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