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Shipping Information and Policies

To check the status of your order online please use our order status form.


  • First Class International: Most economical shipping method for small packages addressed outside of the United States. Packages can take from 1-3 weeks to arrive at the country of destination but actual delivery to your address could take longer depending on the quality of your postal service. Packages shipped first class mail are not tracked.


  • Priority International: The most economical fast method of shipment we use for addresses outside of the United States. Delivery to the country of destination takes between 6-10 business days but actual delivery to your address can take longer depending on the quality of your postal service.

Due to the massive change in international shipping policies by the US Postal Service, we have to estimate shipping charges on the website. If the actual charges are lower than the initial estimate given when you placed your order, we will adjust accordingly. We are working on a way to get our international shipping rates more accurate but do not have that ability at this time.

Remember that the shipping times above are in addition to the availability time listed next to each item. If the availability of an item is listed at 2-3 weeks and you select Priority Mail for delivery, the package will not arrive in 2-3 days. It will arrive in 2-3 weeks PLUS the 2-3 days for delivery.

Also note that if you are ordering multiples of an item that is listed with a 1-2 day shipping time, we may need to order more to fulfill your order. This will result in some of the items being delivered to you later.


Ship As Available

If you select the "Ship As Available" option for your order, we will ship your order in two parts - whatever is in stock at the time you place your order and a second shipment containing the rest of the items. If you have selected an expedited shipping option (Priority Mail, Fed Ex Ground, etc.) for shipping, the first shipment will be shipped using that method. If you paid enough shipping to cover a second shipment using that shipping method, we will send the second shipment the same way. Otherwise, the second part of your order will ship through regular mail.


Check Payments

If you send us a check to pay for an order we may hold the order until the check has cleared.


Pending Payment Orders

Pending payment orders will be processed as soon as payment is received. If you elect to send us a check or call in a credit card number we will not begin processing your order until we receive your payment.


 APO/FPO Addresses

As a special service to our military, we ship all orders to overseas military bases using priority mail. There is no extra fee for this service.


International Orders

Due to fraud and a lack of cooperation by foreign banks in verifying billing and shipping information, all foreign orders may be charged as soon as we receive the order. If your credit card company does not support address verification or you are having your order shipped to a different address than your billing address, we may hold your order for at least thirty days to help ensure that the card was not used fraudulently. To speed up the handling of your order you can fax us a copy of your most recent credit card statement. Our fax number is 1-719-495-7505.

When we ship a foreign order it should take 1-3 weeks to arrive in the destination country (not your address) if shipped first class mail and within 1-2 weeks when shipped priority mail. Depending on the quality of your local postal system actual arrival at your address could take substantially longer.

Due to the overwhelming number of fraudulent orders that originate in specific countries, we refuse to send any packages or respond to any correspondence from such countries. If your country does not appear on our shipping list it may simply have been an oversight. Please contact us if you believe an ommission to be in error.


Lost International Shipments

On rare occasions an international order may be lost in shipping. We make every effort to properly package, postmark and record foreign shipments but cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of a package once it leaves our store for a foreign destination. No money will be refunded for orders that are lost or damaged once they leave our store. This policy applies to all addresses outside of the 50 United States except for American military addresses.


Customs, Duties and Taxes

Orders sent to addresses outside of the United States may be subject to customs fees and duties. We will include customs forms with all such orders.

Unfortunately, customs fees vary greatly from country to country and we are not able to provide you with this information. If you are having a package shipped to an address outside of the United States please contact your customs office before completing the order so you know what fees, if any, may be charged when your package arrives.

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