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Why do people keep buying Chinese "Catholic" gifts?

I keep hoping that after writing posts like this for seven years that things would change and I could stop.


Priests and nuns in Shanghai diocese whose bishop is in detention are required to attend “learning” classes on the central theme of the National Congress of the Communist Party.

About 30 priests and a dozen nuns joined the program held June 9-11 at the Shanghai Institute of Socialism. It will be followed by another class in September for the rest of the diocese's priests and nuns, said James, a source who spoke to on condition of anonymity.

Priests and nuns in Shanghai diocese have been required to attend learning classes ever since their bishop, Thaddeus Ma Daqian, was placed under house arrest at Sheshan Seminary after he dramatically quit his government-appointed post in the Catholic Patriotic Association immediately following his episcopal ordination on July 7, 2012.

Read the whole article.

As long as China insists on persecution and forced abortion, we're not going to carry products from China, no matter how much the price entices us.

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