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It's our 13th Anniversary - save 20%

Thirteen years ago, on the Feast of St. Therese, we opened our first Catholic store in Black Forest, CO. The store was about 120 square feet. While we had a front counter and a couple of displays, the primary purpose of the location was to server as the shipping hub for our website.

We opened the same year that Bishop Michael Sheridan was installed as the bishop of our diocese and he came out to bless our store.

Store blessing by Bishop Sheridan
Store blessing by Bishop Sheridan

My first employees were my mom and some family friends. We all spent long hours entering product information on the website and waiting for the printer to spit out orders. Back then, we had the servers for our website in the office so if something went down at night, I had to drive to the office to fix it - no calling tech support.

Inside our tiny original store
Inside our tiny original store

Our store opened in the aftermath of 9/11 so we sold a lot of military medals and when the Fulton Sheen Wartime Prayerbook was re-issued by Sophia Institute Press, we sold hundreds. The war was also the reason we set up a military chaplain registry on our website. We have sent thousands of items to chaplains overseas thanks to you.

In 2003, again on the Feast of St. Therese, we opened a retail store in Colorado Springs which we ran for ten years before lack of local interest led me to shut it down - something I know I should have done several years earlier.

Aquinas and More Retail Store
Aquinas and More Retail Store

At our peak with both the website and retail store opened, we had over a dozen employees and shipped thousands of packages a month.

Our staff in 2008
Our staff in 2008


In 2013 we moved Aquinas and More to the beautiful town of Fort Collins where we operate on-line only.

Over the years I have been blessed with many wonderful employees who loved their Faith and loved serving our customers. Thank you all for the work and dedication you had for the store.

To celebrate our 13th anniversary, take 20% off everything in the store through October 7th.


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